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How do I pick the right Curb Frame?
Last Updated: 03/02/2018


In this article, we will walk you through picking the right Curb-Sign frame to meet your business’ needs. There are just a few questions that might help make your decision easier.

What are your advertising goals?

  • This is the most basic question. What is it that you hope to gain using this sign? Do you want to advertise a product? Inform your customers about a sale? Get the attention of people as they pass by? Knowing how you want to use it will go a long way to telling you what you need.

How much room do you have for a sign?

  • Putting an advertisement directly in a customer’s path could do more harm than good- It wouldn’t make sense to put a large freestanding Wind Sign right in front of a main walkway. If you have a busy entrance, like a convenience store for example, a Wall Mounted Snap Frame might be the best choice. (You may need an installer to perform this task for you.)

Will you move your sign frequently?

  • Leaving your brand new Curb-Frame from UnitedSign on the sidewalk overnight could be a great way to need another new Curb-Frame from UnitedSign. We offer several frames that include a wheeled base, making moving your advertisements a snap!

How often do you want to change your inserts?

  • The way you use your sign may determine which one you choose. If you intend to change your graphics more than once or twice a week, it would make sense for you to purchase a frame that switches inserts easily and quickly. If you plan to leave your graphics for an extended period, it may be to your advantage to use a sign with a stronger substrate like a Two Way Curb Sign or a Flexible Aluminum Curb Frame.

What is your budget?

  • None of our signs are priced out of the budget of most small businesses, but some are more economical than others. Our WindMaster Slide-in Frame is smaller than the others, but still manages to make a big impact! And at half the price of some other models, it won’t make a big impact on your wallet.

When making your advertising choices, there are lots of other things to consider like foot traffic volume, viewing distance, do you want full color graphics or plain text- there are as many needs as there are businesses! But our selection of portable (or permanent) sign frames can meet your requirements for business signage. Take a look at our selection of Portable Sign Frames and see all the ways UnitedSign can help you advertise to your customers!

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