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Telescopic Number Change Poles | Accessories

We offer some handy products and accessories to help keep your customers informed. Telescoping Number change poles, suction cups, ratcheting assemblies and high visibility number/copy sets will keep your messages clear and easy to read. Our lightweight aluminum 12ft, 18ft and 24ft pole assemblies means there is no sign you can't reach, and our interchangeable suction cups in 2" and 3 3/4" single or double cup assemblies means there is no size letter/number you can't move with ease!
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24ft Aluminum Pole with Single Cup 20ft Aluminum Pole 18ft Aluminum Pole with Single Cup Assembly
18ft Aluminum Pole 12ft Aluminum Pole with Single Cup 12ft Aluminum Pole
Standard Suction Cup Assembly Small Suction Cup Assembly Standard Suction Cup
Small Suction Cup Ratchet & Receiver Unit for a Telescopic Pole