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Identify Kerosene at the gas pumps and around your facility with kerosene stickers, decals and labels. These Kerosene stickers help keep your facility and customers safe and informed. There are labels to identify the Kerosene type and the way it can and can not be used. Some Kerosene fuels aren't allowed in older cars or on highways under federal law, make sure customers are informed of this to aid in a successful and safe facility!
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Undyed Untaxed Kerosene Dyed Kerosene Decal Undyed Untaxed Kerosene
Pump Dispenses Dyed Kerosene Tank Contains Dyed Kerosene Tank Contains Undyed Untaxed Kerosene
Pump Dispenses Kerosene Not Legal For Road And Highway Unlawful And Dangerous To Dispense Kerosene
Dyed Kerosene Nontaxable Undyed Untaxed Kerosene Locomotive and Marine Kerosene
Kerosene Heating Oil Decal Low Sulfur Kerosene Ultra Low Sulfur Kerosene