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Gas Pump Hand Sanitizer

Gas Pumps are one of the dirtiest surfaces Americans touch every day. Take a simple extra step to stop the spread of germs and protect your customers by offering hand sanitizer at the gas pump.  Customers can use before and after they pump gas to kill germs, the scent of gas and help prevent more germs from spreading. The sanitizer is wintergreen scented to eliminate any scent of gasoline. It also will not freeze even when in freezing temperatures, so it is safe to leave outdoors.
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Gas Pump Hand Sanitizer Dispenser of Hand Sanitizer for Use at Gas Pump Islands Hand Sanitizer for your Convenience Dispenser Decal
A bright and vivid way to show customers and employees you have provided hand sanitizer for their use Bright reminder to use hand sanitizer after touching shared equipment Decal to remind customers to use the hand sanitizer you have provided
Let customers know that their hands are easily cleaned with sanitizer you provide