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Clearly label and identify ethanol fuel at your gas pumps with ethanol decals, ethanol stickers and ethanol labels. Ethanol is an alternative fuel that is much better and greener for our environment, it produces less carbon emissions. Let customers know your gas pumps have ethanol but making labeling it with ethanol decals. Because it is a newer fuel, it can only be used in newer vehicles made after 2001 and it's important for customers to know that.

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Warning Federal Law Gasoline Contains: Ethanol 6"w x 2"h No Ethanol Decal
No Ethanol Decal 6"w x 2"h Ethanol Information Maximum 10% Etanol
10% Ethanol 90% Unleaded Gasoline Contains 10% Ethanol 90% Gasoline 10% Ethanol Decal
May Contain Up To 10% Ethanol May Contain Up To 10% Ethanol 4"w x 5"h "Meets Michigan...3 Product" Decal
No Alcohol Added 10% Ethanol Added No Alcohol Added
3"w x 2-1/2"h  "80% ETHANOL" 3"w x 2-1/2"h  "70% ETHANOL" 3"w x 2-1/2"h  "60% ETHANOL"