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Customer Convenience Items

Give customers access to products they may need while fill up their gas tanks. Things like gas mitts to prevent gas from getting on their hands or from touching a germ-filled gas pump are small investments that have a lasting impact on customers. Knowing that your gas station cares about their well-being and carries items they may desire will keep them filling up at your gas station.
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1000 Gas Mitts and Dispenser Gas Pump Hand Sanitizer Gas Mitts 1,000 per Case Handy Plastic gloves One Size Fits All Even Over Winter Gloves
Gas Mitts- 1,000 per Box
Our Price: $67.93
Wax Coated Disposable Funnels 1,000 per Case White Metal Gas Mitt Dispenser Box Funnel Dispenser
Dispenser of Hand Sanitizer for Use at Gas Pump Islands Hand Sanitizer for your Convenience Dispenser Decal A bright and vivid way to show customers and employees you have provided hand sanitizer for their use