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Let customers know of your store's policies, regulations and more, whether it be that an I.D. is always required when purchasing alcohol or tobacco, or that your store is open 24 hours! Policy decals are a must to eliminate confusion or any potential mishaps.
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13"w x 6"h "Shirts & Shoes Must Be Worn Inside The Store" Decal 13"w x 6"h "No Shirt No Shoes No Service Please No Smoking" Decal Die Cut Decal "Close Cooler Door"
Die Cut Decal "No Pets Allowed" Die Cut Decal "You Must Be 21 To Purchase Beer Or Alcohol" Die Cut Decal "You Must Be 18 To Purchase Tobacco Products"
Die Cut Decal "Open 24 Hours" Die Cut Decal "Don't Break 6 Packs" 6"w x 6"h "No Alcohol Consumed On This Property"
6"w x 6"h "We Id" Decal Decal- "No Weapons" 6"w x 6"h "We Id For Cigarettes" Decal
Green End Cell Phone Call Before Approaching Teller Decal End Cell Phone Call Before Approaching Counter Decal Decal asking to end cell phone conversation before interaction.